Experience making Soba noodles from 100%-buckwheat flower. (You can eat it !!)


You can experience making 100%-buckwheat Soba noodles "SOBAUCHI" in the ancient capital of Kamakura.

I am Tomohiro Onda, the owner of Kamakura Hase Shiori-an will instruct you.

You can experience how to make Soba noodles in two hours.

After making Soba noodles, you can taste your own Soba noodles as follows: "Seiro Soba","Shoujin Seiro Soba","Kake Soba","Sudach Soba".

Maximum 4 people for bokking.

--- New campaign ---

1."Good match campaign" 

During the period,if you show the photo or amulets, etc. as a proof, that you visited Kamakura good match spot (see *a), you will be served nice ice-cream. You can choose different flavour: "Vanilla", "Green tea", "Strawberry", "Chestnut".

(*a) Kamakura Good match spots:

1:"Fudo-Myo-oh" in the "Jojuin temple", 2:"Good match Jizo" in the "Hase-dera temple", 3:"Marriage stone" in the "Kuzuharaoka Shrine", 4:"Masako stone" in the "Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū", 5: "Eleven faces Kannon" in the "Sasukeinari Shrine"


A. Soba making  (2 hours)

1, Introduction

2, Preparation

3, Making soba noodles

    3-1,Work by Hachi ("FURUI"->"MIZUMAWASHI"->"NERI") 

    3-2,Work with Noshi-dai ("JINOSHI"->"MARUDASHI"->"YOTSUDASHI"->"TATAMI")

    3-3,Knife work ("KIRI"->"HIRAKI")

4, Break

5, Enjoying your own soba noodles

If you like, you can order drinks, Japanese traditional sweets with the menu price.


B. Notes

* Please have a apron,bandana,towel. 

* Soba making work depends on your experience. 

* Elementary school child is always, please accompany an adult one person. 

* All prices are tax-inclusive price. 

* If the member (free registration fee and annual fee) after the second time, will be 500 yen discount. 

* Mixing bowl is located 2 bowls. 2 persons per it, will be up to a total of 4 people. 

* Please use the nearby coin parking guests arriving by car.

* Credit cards can not be used.


C. Experience fee 

a. 10:00-12: 00 [except for the peak season,weekday only] 

b. 15:00-17: 00 [except for the peak season] 

c. 17:00-19: 00

  • item fee Remarks
    1 adult (more than junior high school students) 4,000 yen Including the tasting
    1 child (elementary school) 2,500 yen Including the tasting


D. Shopkeeper profile 

25 years working as an engineer for Sony. The company aims to soba craftsman and early retirement, qualified as a cooking teacher license and food education instructor  license at the Culinary Institute. Learn the soba noodles in Issa-an handmade noodles, soba classroom. In addition, it qualified as a Edo Sobaliar while walking to eat soba shop. In the Edo Sobaliar, learn a lot about buckwheat from buckwheat communication with soba noodles name people. As Soba craftsman, after the work for several years, it opened a store of Soba and Japanese traditional sweets. "Kamakura Hase Shiori-an" shopkeeper.


E. inquiry reservations 

248-0016 Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture Hase 1-16-21 

Kamakura Hase Shiori-an 

booking page here

TEL. +81-467-37-9484